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tutorial: Book Club bracelet

I wanted to create a piece of jewelry to commemorate the books we read at Main Street Book Club.  There are all kinds of wonderful ideas out there, but I specifically needed something easy to produce and wear.  What good would it be to create a fantastic piece that is so over the top I […]

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tutorial: Mockingjay t-shirt

This past week, while I was freaking out about the Hunger Games movie (March 23rd :D), I saw the Hunger Games mockingjay pin t-shirt and thought it was absolutely beast and I must have it for the premiere. There are two problems with that 1: This shirt cost actual money that I do not have, and […]

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tutorial: Team Peeta woven bracelet

*GFC is going away! Please visit here for other options to follow us.* You may not have heard, but the immensely popular Hunger Games trilogy is releasing the first movie in what will be an immensely popular cinematic series.  Someone in this house is literally counting down the days until we can see Katniss and […]

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tutorial: Team Peeta bracelet (pattern info)

To see how to make the knots to create the bracelet, please see this post. As always, if you need clarification on something, please leave a comment.  I will answer your questions to the best of my ability. I created my pattern in Excel.  You have 8 strings to work with, so you will have […]

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tutorial: Comic Book Pouf Ring

You may remember that I got on a little ring kick in January.  You’ll be happy to know that this one has also found a home with Word Nerd Teen. You will need a page from a comic book, ring form, glue gun and something shiny for the center.  You really need comic book pages […]

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