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Ruby, Violet, Lime by Jane Brocket

  Ruby, Violet, Lime Jane Brocket Millbrook Press; kids This is a beautiful picture book exploring color in the world around us. Blue becomes aqua, turquoise, royal and indigo; Red is ruby, crimson and scarlet.     My verdict: Read it! This is a gorgeous book that takes color to the next level and would […]

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tutorial: Library Card Wrist Wrap

When Word Nerd Teen  and Teen Geek were little they always wanted to be in charge of their own library cards.  I would usually wait until the last possible minute and then let them take their cards, fearful that otherwise the cards would disappear before the circulation desk. This little wrist wrap would have made […]

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review: The Wizard of Oz, illustrated by Amanda Gulliver

~ Everybody knows the story of The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy gets swept up in a tornado, kills the witch, there’s some red shoes and the lollipop guild, follow the yellow brick road, scarecrow wants a brain, tin man wants a heart, lion want courage, there’s THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE OZ, some flying monkeys, Dorothy […]

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