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Review Requests

Written By: Word Nerd

AS OF FEBRUARY 18, 2013 – We are no longer accepting requests for book reviews.  It came to the point that we were spending hours each week reading requests for reviews.  We can’t read the books if we spend all of our time reading the requests!  We are hoping to modify our process and begin accepting review requests again, so check this page for updates.

Please note– Please do not use our comments feature as a place to advertise your book or ask for a review.  You will be publicly mocked and put on the “never, ever, ever” list of books to review.   If your book is similar to one being discussed, feel free to leave a link to your site.  However, if you link your post-apocalyptic space erotica to a tutorial for easy kids book crafts…well, please see previous statement about public mocking.

We will post all reviews- good or bad. We welcome response posts to negative reviews…discussion is good, right?

Contact us at wordnerd@wordupnerdup.com to discuss details

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