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Written By: Word Nerd - Apr• 05•12

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Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?
I don’t think so…to be honest, I don’t usually base my book choices on reviews. Kind of a weird admission for a book reviewer, huh? 
If you could read a book about any song, which song would you love to see written down in story form?
Oh, my, this is a tough one!  There are many, many choices, but the first thing that came to mind was Jim Croce’s Workin’ at the Car Wash Blues.  There just seems to be so much more there than a dead end job.  

Croce’s Box Number 10 is also begging to tell a story. As a matter of fact, I have used quite a few Croce lyrics to demonstrate to my writing class the power of a few strong words to create a clear mental picture!

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10 comments on “Follow Me Friday

  1. Jennifer Messerschmidt @ Some Like It Paranormal on said:

    haha That is kind of a weird admission although I have heard it before! I read tons of reviews of books before I read them. Sometimes I’m persuaded sometimes not. Just depends what is mentioned and if it sounds like something I would like.
    New linky follower
    My FF

  2. Pocketful of Books on said:

    I kind of agree with the reviewing thing- I tend to read the reviews AFTER I have read the books to see what other people thought rather than read them before in case it spoils something.

  3. reader on said:

    I definately would read a book written from Robert Earl Keen’s “Merry Christmas from the Family”. Ooooh, a book of short stories, “Feeling Good Again”, “Sonora’s Death Row”, “Dreadful Selfish Crime”, “The Front Porch Song”, “Corpus Christi Bay”; so many good choices just from this artist!

  4. Heather@ The Flyleaf Review on said:

    That is a funny admission! I will do a little research on my own, then go w/ my gut. Following you by Linky and Pinterest:)

    My F&F

  5. Patricia on said:

    Old follower hopping through! I love your spam free plugin! 😀

    Patricia // My FF

  6. The Muggle on said:

    Hopping by to say have a great weekend!
    New Linky follower :)

    The Muggle

  7. Cassi Haggard on said:

    I rely on reviews, but only from people who’s taste I know and trust.

    My follow friday

  8. Steph on said:

    New follower hopping through! Great post! I followed you through Linky Tools – you can return the favour over at http://www.bethebooks.blogspot.com :) Happy Friday!

  9. Romi I. E. Foster. on said:

    New follower! I really like your answer- I can be influenced by reviews of books that I want to read, but I generally prefer to read books from the livrary before buying, so it’s not really going to effect what I buy too much, if I like it, I’ll still buy it!
    My Follow Fridat


  10. Rachel Cotterill on said:

    New follower from Feature & Follow, pleased to meet you! It’s my first week signed up, I’d love it if you came by to visit :) Link to my FF post.

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