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tutorial: Comic Book Pouf Ring

Written By: Word Nerd - Mar• 07•12

You may remember that I got on a little ring kick in January.  You’ll be happy to know that this one has also found a home with Word Nerd Teen.

You will need a page from a comic book, ring form, glue gun and something shiny for the center.  You really need comic book pages or newsprint to make this ring work. I tried it with regular book pages and the result was not pretty.

Trim the unprinted short edges off of one page.  Cut the page in half lengthwise, then cut one of those in half again. You now have a half sheet and two quarter sheets.  Fold them in half (lengthwise again) and glue along open edge.

Stack the strips, lining up and gluing on the rough edge.  (I stacked the half sheet between the two quarter sheets.) Snip along the folded edge to create a fringe.

Tightly roll the strip of fringe in on itself.  Be liberal with the glue.

Once you finish rolling it, it will look like one of those frills that goes on a rack of lamb.  Okay, maybe not exactly like that…just because most people aren’t cool enough to  make their rack of lamb frills from comic books.

Flip over, apply a generous amount of glue and push in the ring form.  The paper actually sits around the ring base, not on it.

Splay open the pouf.  Cut a small circle from another comic book page and glue it into the center.

Add some shine to the center and enjoy!

I think I would like it with a great big stone in the center…or maybe some glitter…I guess there will be more of these in my future!

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