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tutorial: Love Notes Bookmark

Written By: Word Nerd - Feb• 01•12

This darling little bookmark is a perfect way to sneak a love note to your Valentine.

You will need 4 pieces of 3.75 x 3.75 paper, 1 piece of 2 x 2 paper, pencil, scissors, 24 inches of ribbon and a scrap of fleece, felt or foam.

Fold each of large pieces of paper diagonally in half.  Flip them over so that the the “mountain” is up. (Yes, it should be OPPOSITE of what is pictured!)

Make two more folds, horizontally and vertically.  You will end up with a square (about 2 x 2).

Open up the folds, then push in along the diagonal.

Now you have created a different square.

Use the original 2 x 2 squre to cut out a heart pattern.  Trace it onto your squares, with the point of the heart on the folded corner of the paper (where I am holding in the above picture).

 Glue the hearts in a stack.

Find the center of your ribbon and glue it to the point of your hearts.  Glue the ribbon on the front and back of the heart stack, leaving the ends loose.

Use your heart pattern to cut out two hearts from fleece, felt or foam.  I cut mine just slightly larger than the original hearts.  Glue them on the front and back of the heart stack, covering up your ribbons.

Now you can open your heart and write your love note.

  Close the book and tie the ribbons at the top of the heart.  Put the length of ribbon in your book and let the heart dangle out at the top.

 This craft was inspired by the heart necklace in Making Books & Journals: 20 Great Weekend Projects by Constance E. Richards

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