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tutorial: Book Page Rose Ring

Written By: Word Nerd - Jan• 25•12

Word Nerd Teen had to have her wisdom teeth out yesterday, so I decided that I would try to create a smile with some book pages and ring bases.  (BTW- readers of The Children of the Lamp series will know that having your wisdom teeth out might not be a bad thing….) It worked- the smile is a little swollen and lopsided, but it is there!

You will need an approximately 4×4 piece of a book page, decopauge glue, scissors, hot glue gun and a ring form.

Liberally coat both sides of the paper with decopauge glue and allow it to dry thoroughly.  You can skip this step, but I wanted to give the paper a little bit of protection from the elements.

Cut the paper square into a spiral, leaving a round center.  Don’t worry about making the spiral perfect!

Begin tightly wrapping from the outside tail.

 Continue to wrap, securing with hot glue as you go along.  Keep the wrapping tight for a bud-like flower, or loosen up the wrapping for an open flower.

Glue the center of the spiral onto the bottom of the flower.

Glue the finished rose onto the ring form.  Gift it to someone who needs a smile.

(Pretend like WNT does not have one bare fingernail. It fell victim to the monitoring equipment.)

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