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OUR favorite books read in 2011

Written By: Word Nerd - Jan• 05•12

Choosing a favorite book is like choosing a favorite child– it is impossible! (Note to Word Nerd Teen and Teen Geek–if you feel like you can sway me to make a decision through gifts and favors, please don’t let me stop you.)

However, I CAN narrow it down to my favorite book read in 2011:

Why? I can’t tell.

No, really. I can’t talk about it.  Peace Like a River is our January Main Street Book Club selection, so I am sworn to secrecy until my post goes up on January 17th.

I’ll tell you this much….click here, order it and savor it when it arrives. You won’t be sorry.

Word Nerd Teen had a bit more difficulty narrowing it down.  She finally decided on ….


Heroes of the Valley by Jonathan Stroud gives us two teens who are not afraid to break the rules seeking something better than the life they have.  Adventure awaits readers who journey to this Valley!

Endymion Spring by Matthew Skelton follows one physical book through two timelines.  This book is filled with historical details regarding the invention of movable type, but it is no musty textbook.  Unlock the secret within….

What was your favorite read of 2011? 


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