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Monday Munchies: Popcorn Toppings

Written By: Word Nerd - Sep• 05•11

 Today’s Munchie is inspired by the sweet Laura Numeroff “Mouse” books.

If you take a Mouse to the movies, he’s going to want some popcorn….

No problem.  We love popcorn.

Silly little mouse then wants a string to string together the popcorn…we’re pretty  sure he just wants to string it because his popcorn doesn’t have any of our yummy topping choices.

The following recipes are given in “parts”, rather than teaspoons, cups, etc… Make as large or small of a batch as you desire.  We make several at a time and keep them in tightly sealed containers.  It is nice to have them ready whenever the mood for popcorn strikes.

A favorite of our family and friends is when we break out our movie theater popcorn cart and set up a toppings bar.  Mouse just doesn’t know what he’s missing!

Spicy Ranch

2 parts dry ranch dressing mix + 1 part chile powder

Hot Chocolate

2 parts Nesquick + 1 part powdered sugar + 1/2 part (each) cinnamon and vanilla powder (Toss in some mini marshmallows, too!)

Garlic Parmesan

1 part powdered butter (or substitute- like Molly McButter) + 1 part grated parmesan + 1 part garlic salt

Cinnamon Toast

1 part ground cinnamon + 1 part granulated sugar + dash of nutmeg

Don’t forget about the things you already have in your pantry- like taco seasoning and instant apple cider- they make great toppings, too!  Enjoy!

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