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review: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Written By: Word Nerd Teen - Aug• 16•11

So that I don’t give anything away this review will be rather short.

The Help is a wonderful novel about the writing of a novel. Taking place in 1962 Jackson, Mississippi, both novels tell the tale of what it’s like being a black maid and working for their white employers. I rather enjoyed this book although at times it did seem like a never ending story. I kept turning the pages just for the sake of knowing what happens next and how it ends.

And that brings me to the most disappointing part of the book…the ending. The ending wasn’t really an ending. It was as if you had gone to see a movie and just before everything wraps up the projector turns off. I was not at all happy with that. But the
rest of the book makes up for that one flaw.

My verdict: Even though this was a really good book it’s not something I would’ve picked up on my own to read. If it wasn’t for book club I probably would not have read it. I would suggest that everybody read this. Even if you are like me and crave a little more action in your books it is a worthwhile read. A funny and touching story that you will never forget.

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